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Advertising isn’t just about showing or talking about your business or product, its about How and Where you show and talk about your business. Are you aware that there’s an average of 63,000 people searching on the internet every Seconds and over 228 million searches every single Hour? (most surprisingly, this figures are only for searches on Google not including other search engine like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu e.t.c.).

Search Engine Marketing is another technological disruptive way of Advertising which places your business or products right in front of people searching the internet especially for stuffs related to your products or business.

The internet has unimaginably and disruptively transformed the way we communicate, connects, advertise and do business. If you are not taking this advantage, then be sure you will soon get out of business or never get to where your competitors will be soon. –Let us do it for you Now!

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Competitor Research & Watching

Google Adwords

Keyword Research & Optimization

Display Ad Acquisition

Native Advertising & Placement


Performance Reporting & Analytics

Campaign, Ad Group & Bid Management & optimization

Geo-Tagging Traffic & Results

Custom Designed Landing Page

Ad Split Testing & Optimization

Landing Page Management & Optimization

Regretting & Ad Optimization

Conversion Tracking & Optimization

Traffic & Demography Monitoring

Keyword Refinement & Optimization

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