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PPC intelligently puts you in-front of your audience anywhere they go on the internet by tracking and displaying your brand to them!

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PPC (Pay-per-click), which is also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is a wide cross-board  internet advertising system which is used to place your advert all over the internet from search engines to blogs, forums, private and public websites.

PPC has the widest reach of internet users since it is not limited to any single social media platform, forum or website. This model of advertising takes your business to potential buyers everywhere and anywhere they are on the internet.

On Laptop/Desktop PCs

Whether be on Windows PC or on the MAC, PPC advertising will get to your prospects anytime, anyday and anywhere!

On Mobile Phones

52.1% of all internet traffic and penetrations comes from Mobile Phones. We market and promote everywhere living no loophole!

On Tablet PCs

Disruptive marketing is all about putting your business front of the right audience everywhere they go and at all time!

What you will get from this...

Display on Search Engines

Google alone receive an average of 5.6 Billion searches per day. Imagine the traffic when your brand is displayed to this searchers because there over 7 search engines receiving millions of searches per hour.

Magazines & Newspaper Websites

Is there a day that passes by without people going online to read their favorite news? We follow this people wherever they go to read their news and put your ads in front of them.

Placement on Blogs

Blogs has become another industry changer for old and young people to make easy money while writing contents for their readers. Most blogs today has become the surest place to get latest happenings in anyone's interest! Let's put your brand in front of them.

In-feed Social Media Placement

When you visit Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the algorithm is designed to show you adverts in the feed section and this ads keeps coming back at you even when you live and login to another social media platform. We can track your target audience in this way and always put you brand in front of them.

Recommended Ad Listings

You get recommendations every day you visits the internet based your searches or activity. We can channel your brand all the internet through recommended ads to targeted audience based on their searches.

Discussion Forum Display banner

Discussion forums are becoming another place of serious and large engagements of people around the world looking for answers, sharing their ideas, making post and communicating.

Product Review Site Placement

Product review site just like blogs but with indepth content for people looking to be educated or well guided as regards the latest happenings on their favourite product, brand or services. Millions of peole today prefer to check up reviews and features of any products before they spend their money on it. Lets catch them here!

In-feed Advertisement

Just like the in-feed social media, when you visit other information site for fashion, sports, entertainment, gossip, politics, business, hospitality or motivational contents. Ads are placed in the feed section to always capture your attention. Lets leverage this for your brand!

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