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"Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale." David Newman

90% of marketing doesn’t work because you never took action.

While collaborating with you, we make sure to draft quality content that engages your customers, keep track records of opened emails and how many generated actionable conversions!

How we handle email marketing

What better way to push your business in front of buyers than a direct contact with each and everyone of them. Email marketing has been industry hot cake when it comes to connecting directly and personally with your customers.

We understand that Email marketing has the fastest reach and response time between you and your customers as it takes your business straight to the doorstep of your customer in matter of seconds.

Most people check their emails at least once a day and with the help of notification bar, most mobile users see your the preview of you ad even without opening the mail.

Email Marketing Envelope

included in this Services...

  • A & B testing to maximize open rate
  • Email automation and campaign creation
  • Email list and Audience Definition
  • Audience segmentation strategy
  • Surveys and polls

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We solve Business Publicity & Promotional problems, by taking an advanced Ai approach to every market with the goal of customer Acquisition and Retention in focus.

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