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Off-course no, “a good product cannot sell itself”, that is our belief, but creatively Creating an attention striking Promotions and Adverts for your brand and product is your lucky charm. 

Product Promotion facilitate easy sale of product, as the availability and the distinctive features of the products are already brought and made known to the consumers through Promotion. In short, it reduces the selling efforts and the selling expenses of the wholesalers.

Most wholesalers of your product/services will be more happy to do business with you when they know that it will cost them nothing to sell your product since your Product Promotion is already doing the job of telling the features and benefits to consumers in the easiest language they understand. 

Product Promotion enables you to expand your market. It helps in exploring new opportunities & markets for your product and retaining the existing markets. It plays a sheet anchor role in widening the marketing for your products even by conveying the customers living at the far flung and remote areas. 

We believe in the power of Promotion and what it can do for anybody, any brand, any service or craft that opt-in for Promotion as a driving force for their business.

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Facebook Advertising

With over 2 Billion daily active and engaged users, Facebook has revolutionized the entire advert industry and the way promotional publicity is done. If you are not correctly using Facebook for your business, then your living a lot of money on the table.  

Whatever business, product, brand or services you may be offering, be rest assured that more than 70% of your customers/clients are on Facebook.

Facebook advertising when correctly and professionally created/designed puts your business right-in-front of targeted interested buyers! 

Instagram Advertising

The Benefit of Instagram Advertising cannot be overemphasized. A study from Forrester revealed that Instagram content generates even more engagement 58 times per follower than Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some Benefits of Advertising on Instagram...
  1. Over 700 million users on Instagram
  2. Instagram ads are non-intrusive
  3. Instagram and Facebook are connected

This gives you the opportunity to target your customer on 2 fronts, i.e. either those in Facebook or on Instagram.

Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay-per-click), which is also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is a wide cross-board  internet advertising system which is used to place your advert all over the internet from search engines to blogs, forums, private and public websites.

PPC has the widest reach of internet users since it is not limited to any single social media platform, forum or website. This model of advertising takes your business to potential buyers everywhere and anywhere they are on the internet.

Email Marketing

What better way to push your business in front of buyers than a direct contact with each and everyone of them. Email marketing has been industry hot cake when it comes to connecting directly and personally with your customers.

Email marketing has the fastest reach and response time between you and your customers as it takes your business straight to the doorstep of your customer in matter of seconds.

Most people check their emails at least once a day and the help of notification bar, most mobile users see your preview of you advert even without opening the mail.

YouTube Advertising

This is the world's second largest and most powerful search engine with over 1.9 Billion daily users with 8 out of 10 from the age of 18 to 49 watching videos daily.

Over 400 hours worth of video are being uploaded to YouTube on a daily bases with over 3.25 Billion Hours of watch time per month. YouTube is database library of videos of all kinds which has made it the world's second most visited website.

If your business is not on YouTube, you are definitely loosing lots of money.

The benefits of video in promoting any business is overwhelmingly enormous. Our team of disruptive business promoters are ever ready to help you create an intriguing engaging promo video for your business.

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