Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp has grown to be the worlds most used smartphone social chatting and peer-to-peer messaging platform. The Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing can be traced to the fact that it comes with over 1 Billion registered users and an average of 400 Million daily active users, this can be called the platform for the contemporary lifestyle. Whatsapp Marketing is just like Bulk SMS Marketing which is very direct but with advanced features which enables you to send not only text but Images, Sound and Video included.

People want contents but they want it fast, portable and on the go… Whatsapp provide it users with comfortability of having their dose of content right at their fingertips anywhere… anytime! Connecting with your customers on Whatsapp is the closest connections you can make with your customers as it create that feel of personal relationship and the acknowledgment that you are there with them and you understand them.

There are many channels for digital advertising and marketing out there but they can not cover the Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing when included in your strategy is like adding Solar system to an electric car. This means that you will never run out of loyalty from your customers because people want to know that you know them and their needs, irrespective of how many millions of customers your company may have. Imagine how it feels to chat with the Governor of your city even if you have no business, work or family relationship with him. It gives you that sense of belonging and that your concerns are being taken note of.

Whatsapp Marketing is a disruptive way of marketing but generates a high delivery and open rate from your prospects. Adverts carried out on Whatsapp have a very low bounce rate because people may not login into their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page for days but most often than not, they open to check on their Whatsapp messages.

Whatsapp Marketing brings a lot of value and revenue to your business with the following benefits:


The survival of any business depends on it relationship strength with its customers and as such it very imperative that every business create a strong bonding avenue with their clients or even prospects. Whatsapp gives you the opportunity to relate with your customers on a more personal level thereby making them trust you and your brand to help solve their needs.


We are no longer in the era when it was believed that good product sell itself, people nowadays are too busy and have less time to waste on searching, a  all they want is a product that provides solutions to their needs. Whatsapp provides you an easy place to launch your product/services with a good brand authority by showcasing the features of your product and discussing the benefits customers stand to gain.


Over the years Studies have shown that the best advertising that ever existed is the advert of done through the Word-of-Mouth and this you can only get when you have a strong relationship with your customer. Whatsapp Marketing creates the opportunity for you to put your product right in front of your customers while building a community of loyal committed customers.


With WhatsApp Marketing, all you need is an active internet connection no matter how slow it might be, your message will be delivered. It is the cheapest means of viral Marketing and yet the most effective because people are with their mobile phone for at least 15 hours a day and more often than not, everyone checks to see their Whatsapp messages.


When you send Email campaigns to prospect, there is only but one thing you are looking out for and that is how many are being opened and action taken when the mail is opened. This also applies to Whatsapp Marketing, but with a higher result. Whatsapp is right in front of you and most people find it convenient to check their Whatsapp nonfictions and conversely click through the link you have provided in the message content.


All marketeing channels such as Bulk SMS Marketing, Facbook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or even Yotube Marketing are great but some are more friendly, easy to use, cost effective and friendly to start for any business either smallscale, medium or large sclae business. It is important to keep in mind though, that your primary target is your audience and you want to be where they are, making sure their corcerns is well handled. Customer awereness and certisfaction should be your number 1 priority. We are open all round the week and you are welcome to dicuss with us on how we can come in to help you build a faster and better Reputation for your business.

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