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We are the fastest growing Digital Internet Advertising ans Social Marketing Agency! We are disruptively Ai driven multi-faceted Digital agency with over Six (6) years of promoting brands, products, services & talents! We're disruptively brilliant because, the success ofyour business, is our business! .

Over the years, we have helped companies and businesses gained 100 to 1000X+ more traffic and sales with over 300% ROI through quality leads and conversions.

Whatever product or services you specialize in, Our dedicated team of disruptive marketers are just a click away!

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We're Disruptively Brilliant!

Doing one thing the same over a long period of time will only keep giving you the same results all the time. That’s why we’re disruptive because we don’t stick to one way of doing things.

The customer is our crown!

For every business, there is only but one ultimate boss and that’s the customer. therefore, every customer we acquire, delight and retain, we consider it a lead generation seed!

We go anywhere the sale is!

The world is such a very busy place and humans are more distracted in this century than any other. Your prospect do not stay in one place for too long and that’s why, by implementing Ai, we go wherever they are!

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The last 'P' of the Five (5) 'Ps' in Marketing stand for Promotion and that's what we do, hence the reason behind our name!


Put your website in the glass house of the internet and experience the traffic flood to your business, Let us do it for you now!…

Website Design & Creation

Over 56% of humans in the world uses the internet on daily basis, placing your business in front of this global world is your trigger to positive conversions, Let us do it for you now!…

Social Media Advertising

With over 2.65 billion people using social media worldwide on a daily bases, a number projected to increase to almost 3.1 billion in 2021, you’re loosing if your business isn’t creatively advertised on social media, Let us do it for you…

Email Marketing

Engage on a personal level with your clients and customer. Harness the power of email marketing, Let us do it for you now!…

Making You Go Viral

Having a Brand, Talent, Skill or a great product isn’t enough to put money into your bank account but going viral is your ticket, Let us do it for you now!…

Talent Promotion & Management

Let’s spread your talents across the world, acquiring and engaging fans with on-demand dose of your creativity and passion, Let us do it for you now!…

Pay Per Click

Place your business ahead of your competitors by spreading your uniqueness all round the web, Let us do it for you now!…

Advert Creation & Publicity

No matter how small or low you brand/business might be, creating an advert that showcases your stuff is the Heartbeat of your survival, Let us do it for you now!…

Video Production & Promotion

Video is the Gold-mine for everything! With over 5 Billion videos watched each day, Whatever you are and whatever you do, Video is your passport, Let us do it for you now!…

Search Engine Marketing

With over 3.5 Billion searches per day, placing your business in front of hungry searchers is your trigger to conversion, Let us do it for you now!…

Reputation & Social Media Management

From media communication to press release, we mange your brand’s reputation and care for your customers with strategic engaging communication, Let us do it for you now!…

Brand/Product Promotion

We say no, “a good product cannot sell itself”, but Creating an attention striking promotion and advert for your brand and product is your lucky charm, Let us do it for you now!…

Lead/Customer Acquisition

Acquire new Leads, Clients and Customers the easiest and quickest way ever, Let us do it for you now!…

Campaign/Event Marketing

Strategically create larger awareness and engaging targeted publicity of your Event, Ceremony or Rally e.t.c, Let us do it for you now!…

Social Media Optimization

Optimize your way to the top of your industry. Leverage our Ai driven Social Media Optimization technique to you in front for more subscribers, followers and  supper fans, Let us do it for you now!…

E-Commerce Marketing

Let’s disruptively push your product in  front of interested and targeted consumers, Let us do it for you now!…

Content Marketing

In our world, Content is the King in marketing! Quality content is your invisible psychological call-to-action button. Connect with your audience now! Let us do it for you!…

Bulk SMS Marketing

Let’s disruptively push your product in  front of your target consumers, Let us do it for you now!…

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Power Your Business with Ai

No matter what your business or what stage you’re in, there’s nothing like real-time, real-discussion with a team of business development and growth experts who genuinely cares about helping you get better at what you do and who wants to see you succeed.

With over 6 plus years of commitment in building and managing online reputation of big brands/individuals, corporate bodies, lawfirms, real estate clients & celebrities, we have helped numerous organizations to attain well rated reputation and followership.

Our solutions are completely designed and tailored to the objectives of your brand. We focus on creating a positive brand reputation with a strong digital media presence both online and offline.

  • Analysis of NEED of your product/service, which geographies to target, what brand communication to have, what people are thinking about your product/service in the industry in general.
  • Tailored Marketing Plan: exactly what to do in order to excel in your industry, how much money to put in, where to put it and what to expect in return.
  • Competitive Analysis: Understand how your competition is catering to the need, which marketing channels they have activated, how much money they are putting in, what results they are getting and much more.

Shape Up by Shedding Fat

Shape Up by Shedding Fat

We Deliver with Results

Social Media Adverts 87%
Promoted Brands 97%
Product Videos Created 75%

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We solve Business Publicity & Promotional problems, by taking an advanced Ai approach to every market with the goal of customer Acquisition and Retention in focus.

The success of your Business is our Business!

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